Mommy Guilt Lives Here

I am truly a workaholic. My full-time gig is not enough for me (blame that on my father). Somehow I have managed to work and be present with my children and my husband but often mommy guilt slips in. I think it’s safe to say that all working mothers suffer from mommy guilt at some point. It is hard to balance marriage, motherhood, and my career especially when the career keeps you on the road. It doesn’t help when you feel judged constantly by the child care providers and other parents. Imagine picking up your children from school and a staff person says, “your babies missed you.” Seriously, I missed them too! Was that necessary? I am sure you want this tuition on time so carry on. Or coming to school on Valentine’s Day with store bought cards instead of the handmade ones the other moms made… like I need another DIY project for one and two-year-olds who don’t know the difference.

This is my reality. The white-collar wife and mother who believes you can have it all. No matter how much of a workaholic I am nothing matters more to me than my family and because of that, you must learn to say no. No to the extra gigs, no to the people who take more than they give, and no to needless drama. It’s all a distraction. Take a moment and stare into your spouse’s eyes and hold your children a little tighter before that’s no longer cool. My husband and I work hard to provide the life that we want our family to have. Though that means I do spend time away from home it doesn’t make me any less of a mother nor are you. This is my journey.


One thought on “Mommy Guilt Lives Here

  1. This by far is my absolute favorite of all your blog posts. I can relate 1000%…. So thank you for the refreshing reminders!! #Encore


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