Finally, date night.

I absolutely love date nights with my husband. Last night was our first date night in a month. As you may or may not know we live in Jackson, Mississippi, and entertainment is what you make it. So, what did we do for our March date night? We went to a mayoral forum hosted by the young democrats at Jackson State University. There are currently sixteen candidates running for mayor, and almost every candidate was in attendance, which provided for a comical night. Most of the candidates had no clue what the office did (insert side eye here) which caused us to leave early. The foolery was entirely too much, and the thought of finally eating was more intriguing.

Next stop dinner. Mississippi is known for food and Jumanji and I decided to partake. We decided to eat at the Barrelhouse in the Fondren neighborhood. We needed to reconnect, have one on one time which is hard to do with two children under two. Jumanji and I have some rules that we try to stick to during our date nights.

First, focus on each other. Try not to talk about the children. Your life is already consumed by them anyway. Second, dress to impress. I don’t know about you but I live and yoga pants on the days I don’t have meetings outside of the house. Third, come home after the children are asleep. This is the only way Jumanji and I can ensure an adult play date. Y’all are grown! Don’t act like you don’t know the struggle. Fourth, ensure that these date nights are a part of your household budgets. You may not be able to be Bad and Boujee (insert instrumental here) every month but every now again splurge a little. Lastly, enjoy yourself. There is no guilt ensuring that you and your spouse taking the time to focus on each other. The best thing for your children is to see their parents genuinely happy with each other. Children that witness healthy relationships tend to model them in adulthood. The researcher in me wants to cite some academic journal but I won’t this post. 


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