A Single Girl’s Date Night

Disclaimer** My single friend wanted to write a response to my Date Night blog post from a single girls point of view. I guess we can humor her for a moment. Here is her unsolicited response (insert side-eye here).

Being single in the city is usually less Sex in the City and more Walking Dead. Living in a small, southern town means that if you are single, you and your friends at some point have cycled through most of the eligible, datable guys (we delve into what constitutes “datable” later on another blog, because one girl’s Prince Charming is another one’s Manson).

Reading W.M.G (wife.mom.grind) discuss her date night with the hubs, makes me wonder how that would be on a date night.

Attending a political event on a first date is tricky. If you lean on being the Olivia Pope (which is grossly over used, but works for a quick example) of the political realm, the hope is the you picked someone who is just as enthralled with sitting and listening to mind-numbing rhetoric. If not, be sure to engage them in their opinions and listen as they critique a world that is foreign to their own. This can be said for any activity where one person has more of a home field advantage than the other.

Dinner is a minefield of potential silent gaps, flinching revelations, and uncomfortable realizations – not to mention the politics of picking from the menu. Every girl has had that moment on a date where they questioned if they should get the polite/dainty meal, or the one that won’t have you heating up a hot pocket when you get home. Also, how much is just enough to be considered courtship before it crosses to line to expectation (again we can discuss expectation later on another blog)? A singe girl has to consider all these things on a date, just to get to married.

In W.M.G. fashion I will leave her readers with things to consider for the single girl:

1. First interactions should be on an even playing field. If both of you are uncomfortable, that’s a good thing.

2. Know the rules to the date upfront. No need to wonder if he’s going to judge if you get the ribeye or rob yourself of a full stomach.

3. Perspective. As annoying as the dating life is, to get to you H.E.A., you must weed through the frogs to find your prince. Dating is a necessary evil.



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