A Review of the ThredUP Clean Out Kit: The way a thrifty mom declutters her closet

Spring has finally settled in which means it’s time to declutter. As much as love donating to charities, I have two toddlers who are not growing any slower and the extra cash would come in handy.  I ordered two clean out bags filled them with maternity clothes, past freakum dresses, a designer wristlet, and business clothing. After shedding a tear or two for the past I dropped off the clean out bags at my local post office. Once your clean out bag has been scanned at the post office you receive a friendly email letting you know that your bag is officially headed their way. It was that easy.

Now for the hard part! Getting my freaking money! After waiting darn near a month, they went through my bags. Most of my items were accepted, but some were not. For the items that are not accepted you can choose to have them returned to you for a fee who wants to do that? you weren’t wearing the stuff anyway or donate them to a charity which ThredUp will handle on their end. You can find a list brands they accept here. If Clean Out Statusyour items are considered on trend and in season you will be paid upfront for your items. If you send something that may take longer to sell your items will be put on the consignment list and you will be compensated once the item is sold. I guess my stuff wasn’t bougie enough! Once decided on your payout amount ThredUP holds your money as a store credit for 14 days. After the 14 days is up you can receive your money via PayPal or the ThredUP Visa debit card. My two bags brought me a payout of $117.55. Not bad for clothes and wristlets I was no longer wearing. Not to mention $117 is a good start for a summer wardrobe for my girls. Was the ThredUP Clean Out Kit worth it? Absolutely, who wouldn’t want cash for things that are taking up space in their closet? I have already sent four additional clean out bags to ThredUP and ordered two additional bags clean out bags to clean out my kids’ closets. Would you want to give ThredUP a try? Click here to sign up. First-time customers receive 40% off their first order. Not interested in purchasing from ThredUP do some spring cleaning and order a clean out bag from ThredUP.


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