Celebrating Five Years of Marriage on One Happy Island


The husband and I recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe it’s been five years. Like most relationships, our love story did not come without lessons along the way but we are stronger than we have ever been. After two deployments to Afghanistan, surviving a dissertation which was pure hell, and two children he still makes me laugh until I cry. He is truly my best friend and I could not imagine a better partner in life.

Our first dance



I love our shirts with our wedding date on them!

Now for our trip to Aruba better known as “One Happy Island.” We were definitely that couple. What do I mean by that? We wore matching shirts made by yours truly with our wedding date in roman numerals. Cool huh? I know it was corny but we didn’t care, we were in paradise. I was happy to be with him and only him. We were completely unplugged from the outside, no kids, no work, and no family. What did we do? We spent most of our days on the beach staring at the clear turquoise water, in a hot tub, on a boat, or on a jet ski where Jumanji tried to kill me again.


Our favorite activity was the UTV tour with Around Aruba Tours. Our tour guide Alex was awesome. He made the money spent worth every dime ($180 per couple) and we spent plenty of time at each location. If you are ever in Aruba check them out, you will not be disappointed. What other experience will allow you to feed a camel and end your trip taking a dip at the Natural Pool.



Outside of the activities that spoke to the daredevil in the both of us, we had a week of pure romance. From dinner on the beach to dinner in the middle in the ocean, we enjoyed every second. Our hearts were full of joy and we were reminded why we choose to put up with each other for seven years. Five years ago, in the Bahamas on our honeymoon, we promised that we always make time for each other and not be sucked into an oblivion with kids, work, and family. We have made sure to take a trip every year we’ve been married without the children. We put each other first above anything and anyone else. Five years of marriage down and a lifetime to go.



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