It only took THREE years!

Thank goodness Yogi sleeps in her bed and goes bed every night and 8:30. I know you are thinking who takes three years to get their kid on schedule! When Yogi was four months old I started a new job that required me to travel and her father screwed her schedule up. Being a working mother that traveled regularly, I suffered suffer from mommy guilt on a regular basis. Remember, mommy guilt is like PMS everyone gets it at least once in their life.  When I am home it only takes them to say “mommy” a minimum of three times and they end up in our bed. I wish I could tell you I had the magic trick but I don’t. My kids literally went down for everyone but me until they spent a week with Nana and Papa.  The husband and I we on a trip for our five-year wedding anniversary (you can read about that trip here) and when we came back they were totally different children. Charlie has never had any issue going down but would end up in our bed from time to time but not anymore.  I credit better sleep and sex life to my Mom and their Nana. For you traveling working wives and moms out there don’t let the mommy guilt win the war maybe a battle or two but not the war.

Here is our weekday routine.

  • 6:15 am Rise and Shine! It’s Potty Time.
  • 7:30 am School House Drop Off
  • 4:45 pm Mother Daughter Target Run (Everyone loves Target!)
  • 5:30 pm Dinner
  • 6:15 pm Free Play
  • 6:45 pm Bath Time!
  • 7:15 pm Preschool Prep Sight Words
  • 7:50 pm Story Time -This normally consist of Brown Bear at least twice for Charlie and whatever Yogi wants to read
  • 8:20 pm Prayer
  • 8:25 pm Lights Out
  • 8:30 pm Mommy and Daddy Time!

2 thoughts on “It only took THREE years!

  1. That is great! Yogi and Charlie, I am sure, appreciate more sleep and structure. Good job Nana and Wife.Mom.Grind


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