Straight OUTTA Montessori!

Well, the time has finally come. I am moving Yogi and Charlie out of the Montessori environment. What is Montessori you ask? Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. If you want to know more visit this site for frequently asked questions.

Yogi has reaped the benefits of Montessori and the focus on independence definitely made it easier on me when Charlie finally made her debut, ya know since they are 15 months a part and all. Yogi was completely house broken potty trained well before she hit two, drinking from regular cups, eating with regular eating utensils, counting to 10, Aviary Photo_131431767825616546and recognized all primary colors. My first born was and still is a complete rock star. So why am I moving her if she has done so well? Yogi completely plateaued. I had no proof that she was getting what she needed to progress. It’s not to say that Montessori is bad because it is not. I don’t think student led learning worked best for her nor Charlie. Now this could be the school that they attended. Unfortunately, the turnover which is high in child care in general was pretty high so I do not feel that the consistently was there for her to thrive as best as she could. Though both girls had a several different teachers and they were all good but I’m pretty sure their methodologies differ and I don’t the first-born child was being challenged enough while I feel my youngest was kept from advancing.

Anyway, ultimately you do what is best for your children right? What is best for my children is for them to be in a more traditional environment. For 16k I expected a lot more from the school and honestly they learned more at home with me than they did in the classroom.  Again I suspect this is not all Montessori schools. Here are some pros and cons to the Montessori experience.


  • Children learn independence
  • Multiage classrooms help students learn from and support one another
  • Children learn at their own pace (in theory)
  • Children are often more excited to learn because they’re learning about things in which they’re interested


  • Teachers may have trouble letting students pick their own activities
  • Some students may not deal well with the lack of traditional classroom structure
  • The term “Montessori” is able to be used by anyone, whether the school is truly Montessori or not-This is the biggest thing

Do I regret sending my kids to a Montessori school? Absolutely not! As parents we make decisions that will affect our children everyday and this is no different. It is time to move on.  Is your child(ren) in a Montessori program? What is your experience?


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