Kids and Picky Eating: It starts with you!

So, I have two toddlers a three-year-old and almost 10 two-year-old. The husband and I are able to take them to any restaurant without checking to see if chicken nuggets or pizza is on the menu. They eat what we eat from kale to duck you name it they eat it. When Jumanji and I spoke about how our kids would be prior to their conception we were determined not to have children that were picky eaters. Of the million things we planned for the first years of their life this was one of the few things we actually accomplished. So why do our kids try everything with no fuss and like 98.987% of the things they try? Pause…can you tell I’m a researcher? I know you really don’t care.

This how we accomplished children with a diverse palate.

  1. It starts with YOU! I find it laughable when people complain about their children img_7091being picky eaters when they are picky themselves. This is not a do as I say not as I do kind of thing. If you want child(ren) not to say they do not like something before they try it you have to be open to things as well. Remember they are following your lead so model the behavior you want them to exhibit.
  2. Introduce your child’s first food strategically. Expose them to foods that children tend not to prefer such as broccoli, avocado, quinoa, and brown rice.
  3. Do not make a big deal about the good stuff (e.g., various vegetables, herbs, or meats). Children sense fear. If you are anticipating the push back they will more than likely push back. A balance diet is normal so why make a big deal about it. I promise it is normal for kids to eat something outside of pizza and chicken nuggets.
  4. COOK! Variety is the spice of life. Your child(ren) will have little exposure in the world of fast food. I am not saying I do not go Chick fil a or Wendy’s from time to time. What I am saying is that my children were exposed to a variety of nutritious food before I ever ventured into the world of fast food and fast food is not a norm in our home.
  5. Do not keep junk food readily available. It is best for your children and your waist line. I learned the hard way, you can thank me later. Vegetable chips are really easy to make. Recipes coming soon. Don’t miss out, be sure to subscribe to my blog J.
  6. Do not order from the kids menu at restaurants. Your kid(s) want what you have anyway. Order off the menu and split it between the kids or share your food with img_7090them. This is a easy was to expose them to different types of food without thinking. Plus, the kid menus tend to be pretty boring don’t you think?

Do these things and your kids will at least be open to trying a variety types of food. Will they like everything? Of course not, life would be too easy then. If you do not do these things you are catering to their picky eating habit and that is no way to live. What things have you tried to combat your picky eater?


3 thoughts on “Kids and Picky Eating: It starts with you!

  1. Good tips, however I don’t think it’s always that easy. I do all this. I can’t really “afford” junk food. (don’t want to pay $3/$4 for a pack of cookies…) I had an 2-year-old who ate anything I put in front of her. I always order one plate for me at restaurants and split it with her. She would eat half my plate when she was 1 1/2 – 2 years old. Then about the time she was 2 1/2, she got picky. Now it’s hard to get her to eat anything… I’ve tried letting her cook it herself, watching me cook it, her picking out a recipe online that she thinks looks good & when I cook it, she refuses. So to an extent, I love these tips, however there are still picky kids…


    1. You are definitely right! I have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old and it’s been easy sailing so far. Last night we had a dramatic dinner with Yogi (3 year old) not wanting to eat dinner. She watched me prepare it but did not want it. I can say she tried she just didn’t like it. To me that is okay as long as they try it. No person eats everything right.


      1. Haha. I totally agree. I have to step back and realize I wasn’t the best eater. I didn’t like anything. My mom cooked and I would go to bed without dinner because I refused to try it. But now at 23, I love food. Pahahaha. I’ve finally started eating tomatoes, asparagus, and I’ll try almost anything. So I just keep telling myself that she won’t always just want a PB&J. 😉


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