“When God Made You”-A Book Review

when god made pageI absolutely love “When God Made You.” Any person of faith would. The book reminds the reader of how special they are and that God made them just the way he wanted them to be. I believe that this book is more suited for ages five and older. However, I do read it to my three-year-old twice a week but it does take about 45 minutes to get through the entire book just from her explaining what is on the page and pointing out her sister, herself, and our dog whenever she sees to her what represents her favorite people in the pages of this book. The fact that my daughter sees herself in the pages of this book is a huge selling point coupled with the rhythm of the book and colorful and imaginative pages.

‘Cause when God made YOU, somehow God knew that the world needed someone exactly like you!

There are not many children’s books with female leads. There are especially few children books with girls of color as leads particularly at the early childhood stage. It is extremely important to me that my children see themselves illustrated in some of the books that I read at to them at night. When God Made You is prefect for any child especially children of color. If you do not own this book it is definitely one to add to your child’s collection.


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3 thoughts on ““When God Made You”-A Book Review

  1. This book is definitely a great read. I, myself, haven’t read plenty of books in my lifetime, but I definitely know this one. I’m glad u actually brought it up today. I’m going to tell my children who are visiting granny for the summer in Mississippi to get to the library and read it. I just might make them write me a 2 page summary on what they learned.


  2. I’ll be ordering this book for my child. I do think its important for children to see a good representation of people who look like them in all aspects of life. So not only am I telling them they can do anything, which they can, but they will have examples to push them more besides mommy and daddy.


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