The Struggle is real: Weight Loss Goals

There has never been a time when I do not remember struggling with my weight. No matter how active I was in sports or how much I exercised I would only loose so much weight. I have literally tried every fad diet and a good amount of diet pills and I do get some results but they don’t last very long.

On my 30th birthday last year I realized something. I had this idea of weight loss all wrong. I felt like my husband wasn’t attractive to me and other people judge me for my weight and that is where I went wrong. I don’t know if this epiphany came from turning 30 and me having an IDGAF moment but at 30 I finally started on a weight loss journey that is all about ME. Since I’ve actually gotten serious about my weight loss journey I have lost almost 40 pounds because I changed my lifestyle (read about how I lost 10 pounds in 14 days). Please understand my seriousness started in the fall of last year. Is this a lot of weight? It is to me and guess what; I have yet to gain one pound back. WARNING UNSOLICITED ADVICE. Here are some conclusions I’ve drawn about myself, maybe you can relate.

  1. I just want my navel to look surprised and not a sad face. I do not have a weight goal. I just want my stomach to look a certain way. I am not focused weight on my Fit Bit scale aka Da Truth I am more concerned about how I feel and how my doctor says my health is.
  2. Get a crazy girlfriend as accountability partner. My friend “Dom” is crazy but I respect her. She is going to tell me when I am slacking and she could care less about hurting my feelings. If you are strong willed you need someone like this. We check on each other and most important we encourage each other. If I noticed a change in her physique I complimented her. A simple “I see you girl” goes a long way.
  3. Invest in yourself. Invest in a trainer that spends his/her time training you and not flirting with you or running their mouth about things that don’t matter. “Dom” and I attended a boot camp that had a trainer that literally makes us take photos of our food and post them in a private Facebook group. He is crazy but I respond well to that kind of foolery. I can’t lie I have a competitive streak in me and that competitive streak does not allow me to be last in a run or completing an obstacle course so the group workouts work well when you need that extra push.
  4. Eat what you love just prepare it in a healthier way. You can eat whatever you want just get in the kitchen and prepare it. You will think twice about what you put in your food. Perfect example, I love pizza. I love everything about it but I can’t go to Pizza Hut every day. Try cauliflower crust pizza. Don’t knock it until you try it. That is some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

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