Six Work Travel Must Haves


I started traveling for work on a regular basis in 2014. When I say frequent travel, I mean that I am on a plane no less than twice a month. I have flown during Aunt Flows visit. I know TMI but relevant. I’ve also flown while pumping for my child that had to stay behind (read my post about Breast Milk and TSA).  In the past four years, I have my travels essentials down pack. So here is my list:

  1. Get a carry on bag that is enough for what you need. If you travel for two and three days at a time the standard carry on bag is more than likely more than what you need for such a short trip. For my birthday couple of years ago, my sister bought me a Samsonite Underseater. It was the best gift ever. I use it probably 85% of the time when I travel. It is enough room for a three-day trip and gym clothes too.
  2. Opt for a menstrual cup. Let’s be honest here, the less I have to carry when traveling the better. In addition to that if you are on a plane or in a car for an extended period of time the menstrual cup has a larger capacity than any tampon or pad. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.
  3. Protect yourself and get a face mask. As I am sure, you’ve heard the flu is taking people out left and right. Unfortunately, though people are aware of the dangers of their germs they still do not cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough. People are nasty. I purchased reusable masks from Amazon, and they are cute too. Worth the $10 investment.
  4. Go back to High School and get a backpack. We all have the beautiful leather briefcases, but they are not necessarily conducive to traveling especially on a plane. I have a laptop backpack that is awesome and allows for additional space for clothes or shoes if needed. But the best part of it is that I can carry my water bottle comfortably inside of it no to mention it has plenty of pockets for organization of all of my laptop accessories (i.e., wireless mouse, pointer, and headset). It’s the little things that matter.
  5. Prepare for the worst. Remember to carry over the counter medication in pill form (e.g., cold, anti-gas, or antidiarrheic medicine)  so there is no problem when going through TSA. Trust me you rather buy stuff like this at your local store than inside a gas station, airport, or at the hotel. The prices are horrendous.
  6. Ensure you get a good night rest. I don’t know about you, but I do not sleep well when I am from my family. Most people would say I am lucky because work travel is the time I get uninterrupted sleep. Well, they are wrong, do yourself a favor whether it is because you don’t sleep well in hotels or you are traveling somewhere that you can suffer from a major case of jet lag, pack Melatonin to help you sleep while traveling.

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