Potty Training Chronicles with Female Child #2

Potty training Yogi was an absolute breeze. Yes, there were accidents and getting #2 in the potty was not the easiest thing but we made it. Then we move to Charlie. Charlie tells me she needs to “go potty” but the problem is she tells me too late. Today was no different. Charlie sits on potty and does nothing. She sat there at least 10 minutes and nothing happened. Not a drop of urine… she didn’t even pass gas. Then it happened. The blowout diaper. Potty training or not every mom knows the story of the blowout diaper.

No matter what diaper I’ve used from Huggies, which I hate,  to the nice Honest Company brand, every diaper at one point fails at some point. The worse thing about this diaper is that I couldn’t call Jumanji to deal with it. Darn military orders! So, what did I do? I put her in the tub undressed her and hosed her down cleaned her up. No child is the same. Johanna was completely house broken potty trained by 16 months. Charlie is 20 months and I think it’s time to take drastic measures.  I would like to spend money on other things now. What are some of your potty training stories?

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